The Personality

As a Seattle girl, I enjoy at least one double-tall soy latte every day (natch).

I run only when chased or when chasing children.

I love books by David Sedaris because he makes me laugh and books by Frank McCourt because he makes me think.

It may come as a surprise but I don’t own a television so I don’t know anything about Idols, Losers, Models, or Bachelors….and I’m pretty sure I’m not missing a thing.

I’ve been meat free since 2003…or maybe 4….or long enough to lose track.

I prefer wearing heels, even when it’s impractical; especially when it’s impractical.

I know how to savor a frothy beer but if you really want to see me get silly, just add a glass of red wine…or two.

If not a photographer, I’d like to be a writer. If not a writer, perhaps a dancer. My mother rolls her eyes at this.

Success in my world is measured in unconventional ways. I’ll know I’ve “made it big” when I can afford a house cleaner once a week to fold my laundry and scrub my tub.

I light up the most when enjoying a chewy chocolate brownie (sans frosting and nuts, of course) or when I’m around my niece and nephews.

I didn’t find photography; photography found me and I’d be honored and delighted to become your family photographer.

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