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Joanna | Boudoir | Seattle Boudoir Photographer

After I shared my last boudoir session, a friend commented on my Facebook page, “Going after Russell James‘ job?”. And while I joked that, “he better watch out”, I’m quite content building my legacy with the real beauties in my hometown. The pin-up girl next door. The sexy ladies of Seattle. Pssst, I’m talking to...

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Tamar | Boudoir | Seattle Boudoir Photographer

“I’m feeling overdressed, she said & he held her close & said as far as he was concerned she was always that way & her eyes glowed softly in the light of his desire.” –Story People Is this confusing? Me, saving the writing for the end? It feels weird to me too. But, I simply...

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“V” in the Bedroom (and Outside in the Cold) | Seattle Boudoir Photographer

Warning: it may be freezing cold in the neighborhood where you’re reading this, but the following images are hot, hot, HOT! This lovely lady wanted to do a special boudoir session for her military husband. Like most women who contact me about these kinds of sessions, she was nervous. But, I gave her a lot...

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Liz | A Sexy Seattle Maternity Session

Before almost every session I get asked the question, “what should I wear?”. And every now and then, I get to stay, “as little as possible.”  Whatever makes you feel sexy. Whatever makes you feel confident. Whatever makes you feel like a goddess. Liz and her husband are expecting their first child this August. He...

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Annie | Boudoir

“Unmentionables – those articles of ladies’ apparel that are never discussed in public, except in full-page, illustrated ads.”  ~Changing Times Kids aren’t the only ones having fun in front of my lens these days. These boudoir sessions have been simply delightful. We sip tea and turn up the music. We crank the heater and pick...

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Ellen | Boudoir

So what exactly is “boudoir” anyway? Well, it’s a woman’s private room, like a bedroom or dressing room. Or, as the French verb “bouder” suggests, a pouting room. A lady’s boudoir might be used for bathing, relaxing, or entertaining intimate guests. And, photographically speaking, a boudoir session takes place in the bedroom in your most...

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