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Today I feel like dancing. It’s my birthday month and in four days I’ll be in NYC with some of the best friends a girl could ask for.

Today I feel like a ladybug: bright and colorful with a voracious appetite.

Today I feel nostalgic. I want to feel holiday cheer the way a child does. Could Santa be real? Will it snow and shut down the city? Can we walk and sled in the streets?

Today I feel like stargazing. With a hot cup of spiced cider in my hands I’ll make up names for made up constellations and reflect on how tiny we are in this big old universe.

Today I feel like a leaf. I’m clinging to my base for dear life but nearly ready to succumb to being blown around wherever fate will take me.

Today I feel surreal. It’s as though all the bustling of holiday shoppers, downtown commuters, and noisy traffic jams are being whisked around, not of their own accord, but by the crispy cold wind that cuts sharply through our layers.

Today I want to feel passion and time stand still.

Today I feel blessed. It has been a very successful year and I’m ready to wrap a nice little bow around 2011 and send it on its way.

Today, I imagine the Wales family is feeling some of the very same things but for very different reasons. With a little one due to arrive this spring and news of the sex of their baby just days away, they’re surely feeling all this and more.

Julia, whatever you’re feeling today, I hope these images are received with joy and excitement. May your holidays as a family of three be filled with much celebration and jubilation as you transform into a family of four. I look forward to seeing you all again in a few months once the little one arrives!

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Glen Bright - The best pictures EVER! We need to find out the dogs name. Winston and Kona are in love:) Yes, even Kona!! The next time Daphne is over I am going to read her your comments. She will love that Aunt Jamie feels like a ladybug. She will draw one for you I’m sure:) Have a great time in New York. Be safe.
Your number one fan in all of the great San Joaquin Valley

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