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My life right now isn’t nearly as exciting or exhausting as it must be for a family who just welcomed a second baby into their home. But the truth is, my life is cycling through some major transitions and I think I might know what it feels like to be delighted and energized, filled up and lifted up, even when you are working hard. Even when you are exhausted. A new baby, a new life, the next chapter of a “choose your own adventure” story. They all come with those days where you’re too exhausted to sleep and too excited to think. I’m discovering self awareness in the chaos and an upgrade to the way my heart and soul processes the world around me. I’m learning that I’m more capable and powerful than I ever realized and that makes me feel more confident to love joyfully and work smarter instead of harder.

This session, like all my sessions, gives me the unique opportunity of being a spectator in a room full of wisdom. I watch as people love and relax; teach and share; laugh and scream. So many ways to communicate, savor and dream. The second baby requires just as much work as the first but the parents seem much less concerned about screwing up. They know which mistakes must be avoided and which disasters are easily resolved. No sleep, is a game they’ve perfected and where they were once tentative and awkward about the first tiny being they held in their arms, they’ve now learned to do it one handed while flipping laundry and being crashed into by a toddler all while singing the ABC’s and updating the social network. They’ve learned that this path is most easily followed when their heart leads the way and the lessons are slowly discovered in layers.

Julie and Sam, congratulations on your newest edition. Kaitlyn is a doll, just like her big sister. Thank you for so many opportunities to be your family photographer and watch your family grow. It’s truly an honor.

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Kelsey - Her sleepy smile is so precious. Great photos.

Jeanine Carlson - I want another one!

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