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Ohlde Family Portraits | Fremont | Seattle Family Photographer

I knew her way back when she was just a friend of a friend who knew how to have a good time. I remember meeting him way back when in Maui when our mutual friends got married and I photographed their wedding. I remember when I met her at her house one blustery morning while...

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Joanna | Boudoir | Seattle Boudoir Photographer

After I shared my last boudoir session, a friend commented on my Facebook page, “Going after Russell James‘ job?”. And while I joked that, “he better watch out”, I’m quite content building my legacy with the real beauties in my hometown. The pin-up girl next door. The sexy ladies of Seattle. Pssst, I’m talking to...

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Wilson Family Portraits | Pioneer Square | Seattle Modern Family Photographer

I was recently visiting another blog and came accross this post which asked the question, “what makes your heart flutter?”. I immediately put the headphones on, cranked up some classical station on iTunes and let my mind slip away to all those people, places and things that make my heart flutter. Possibility. New ideas. Aha...

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