Kuno Family Portraits | Pioneer Square | Seattle

So, I’m sitting here staring at my computer screen plastered with photos of the gorgeous Kuno family while iTunes serenades my thought process. I can’t figure out what to write yet when a song comes on…”How should I start this?” the lead singer asks. “Probably with a drum intro” replies one of the band members. And so it is…

Drummmm Rolllll Plllleeaasssseeeee!!! The Kuno family killed it Pioneer Square.:)

I can’t believe this session almost didn’t happen. Poor Dad was sick with a cold and probably would have loved to stay at home in bed. A total trooper, he rallied for his lovely ladies and we worked the setting sun all over this funky historic neighborhood. The adorable Miss Emily was all grins as she danced and sang her way through our session. We were having so much fun that by the end, we were already planning another outing for the Spring!

Rebecca and Jeremy, from outfits to attitude, your family was a delight to photograph. Thanks for a fabulous afternoon in the city! Enjoy the memories….

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TJ McDowell - The fairy outfit shot on the steps cracks me up. We do this pose with brides sometimes, minus the wings and tennis shoes =)
TJ McDowell´s last [type] ..Photography Using Personality Mirroring

Kirsten - Great shoot! I love the photo of the little girl with her wings! And Dad doesn’t look sick at all! What a fun session!
Kirsten´s last [type] ..Film Friday Starting January 2011

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