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Sarah | For Her Soldier | OpLove Photographer

I love photograhing families so much, I’d do it for free. And I do. Every year I donate my services to various charity auctions and volunteer for a few great causes. Operation: Love Reunited, is one of those great organizations. OpLove photographers, like myself, provide our services at no cost to military families with deploying,...

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Price Family Portraits | Japanese Gardens at the Arboretum

When I saw the Price family walking towards me with their cute outfits, smiling faces and all that red hair, my chilly fingers warmed with excitement. So what if we had to wait in line with dozens of other families anxious to get their turn in the Japanese Gardens at the Washington Park Arboretum. It...

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Torgesen Family Portraits | Bellevue Botanical Gardens | Modern Family Photographer

Perhaps one of the greatest honors as a photographer is being hired by another photographer. Allison knows a lot of great photographers and the fact that she asked me to capture her family portraits was a major compliment to say the least. I first met the Torgesen family 6 months ago when little Sara was just an itty-bitty newborn. Two...

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Maya | At Home | Seattle Family Photographer

There are two kinds of sessions I offer: outdoors or at home. I have a different kind of love for both as they each take on a very different dynamic. Outdoor sessions are all about energy, textures, and an abundance of uncontrollable light while sessions at home are often more relaxed, intimate, and absolutely perfect...

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Kuno Family Portraits | Pioneer Square | Seattle

So, I’m sitting here staring at my computer screen plastered with photos of the gorgeous Kuno family while iTunes serenades my thought process. I can’t figure out what to write yet when a song comes on…”How should I start this?” the lead singer asks. “Probably with a drum intro” replies one of the band members....

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Kilwein Famiy Portraits | At Home & At the Beach

You know what’s funny about this first picture on the left? There’s a bit of blue sky in it. As I rode with the Kilwein family to Mukilteo Beach it began to trickle rain. By the time we arrived on the seaweed covered shore it practically poured. We waited it out under a picnic shelter...

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