The one that sums up my summer…

It has been 120 days since we signed our name more than a dozen times promising to pay a large chunk of dough for our cute little house. It has been 120 days since I’ve had a day off. There are still 16 more days to go before we say goodbye to our basement apartment and spend our first night in our nowhere-near-ready, mostly renovated new home. Steve and I have all but lost our minds and consider every day we don’t kill each other a success.

Why am I telling you this? Because I’ve put it out there that “I strive for excellence in my work and seek to achieve this by being human…” among other things. And these days, I’m feeling a lot less super human and far more just…regular human. I’ve been “doing-it-all” for too long now and I’m finally burning out. I think, perhaps, just maybe, it’s not possible for one human being to work a 9-5 job, plus a growing side job, plus renovate a house without contractors, plus maintain a clean and livable dwelling, plus eat good healthy food, plus sleep, plus be a good wife, friend and family member and still stay sane. Perhaps.

All I really want to do is finish reading the trashy fiction novel I picked up at the airport a couple weeks ago. Something about the completely shallow, dissatisfied and mostly unlikeable characters of One Fifth Avenue sucks me out of my reality and catapults me into a much grandeur scale of unrealistic chaos that makes me smile inside. In between the lines I read that things could be worse and this too shall pass. Unfortunately, the only real reading I’m doing these days is “how to hook up a washer and dryer” and “how to insulate an attic without eaves”. Fascinating.

Oh, it’s not all doom and gloom. I did get to go to Vegas at the beginning of the month. Although, for the duration of my stay, from Sunday to Wednesday, I never stepped out doors. Instead, I spent all day in Summer School learning from some of the best and brightest in the photography industry. I met lots of new friends and took pages of notes…which I haven’t had time to even peek at since I’ve been back. I also got to see my brother, his wife and their beautiful baby girl who came to visit us here in Seattle. Aevlyn has grown so much since I saw her a few months ago! My nephew, Ty, celebrated his third birthday this month too. He is talking so fast…it cracks me up and makes me find new reasons to keep falling in love with him. He has always been my muse and happy maker.

All this is to say, tasks are taking me a bit longer to complete these days and my brain has turned to mush. I’m working feverishly to get back on track and up to speed….at a regular human pace. If I owe you an email, phone call, pictures or some other significant thing that has fallen through the cracks…the check is in the mail…a.k.a. I’m working on it. Promise. In the meantime, enjoy some pretty pictures…

Ty & Kellie

Aevlyn, Tylen & Sawyer


More in the slide show…

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Lyndsay London - 16 days to go!!! So exciting – yet so much work! Wow! Can’t believe that you’ve pulled off SUCH amazing photos this summer even though things are so crazy. Good luck with the move J!

Kim Shanahan - Jamie, you’re amazing. Ryan and I sat and read this together and we wish we could come back to Seattle and help you out. We really were selfish to not help out when we were there. We’re sorry. These pictures are beautiful. The hardest part for me now is trying to pick which four I’m going to put on my wall. I’ll never pick the right ones because I want to put up all of them! Anyway, Love you lots and hang in there!

Jeanine Carlson - My GOD girl, no wonder we haven’t so much as sensed you in the periphery! I thought I was hectic, but no, it is not possible to do/ be all those things at once. Just left foot, right foot, breathe… focus on the task (or ten) at hand. We are heading out the Hoh Rainforest the weekend after Labor Day, 9th-12th. If you “have time” or volition drop us a line, we would love to visit with you. Otherwise keep us posted for the house warming. Good work lady, you ARE pulling it off!!

s h e r r y - AW. They are SUPER cute! <3

TJ McDowell - Wow, I feel like I’ve just read a diary entry from a little over a year ago before I went full time with the studio. We bought a new house, I was working sometimes long hours at my office job, then came home to work more hours at the studio. My wife worked just as hard, if not harder just to try to stay on top of studio tasks and house tasks. You’ll make it through. Not sure how we did it, and I’m not sure how you’ll do it, but you’ll find yourself on the other side still in one piece.
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