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“If I love you with all my heart, she said, what will you give me? & then she stopped & said I didn’t have to answer that because she was going to do it anyway.” –Story People

It was hard for me to write this blog post. Not because I don’t have anything to say about this fantastic couple, but because I have too much too say. You see, Erica and I have history. A kind of history that breaks a lot of rules and quite frankly, it’s a wonder we’re still friends at all. But that’s Erica for you. She’s easy to like and you’re guaranteed to laugh and see the world from a sarcastic point of view whenever she’s around.

Erica was one of the first photographers I ever hired and trained back in my studio days. We were roommates a couple different times in the last ten years and she was the one who helped me keep it together at my first wedding. Yeah, that’s right. I got married when I was 19 and…it didn’t work out. Shocker. It was at that wedding that I discovered just how much Erica wanted her turn to shine as a bride. The morning of that wedding I practiced tossing the bouquet and she practiced catching (come on; we were 19). I knew then, that when it was her turn, she was gonna make a fabulous bride. So when she posted on my Facebook page asking if I was free on July 31st, I knew immediately that was gonna be the big day. I can’t wait to watch her walk down the aisle later this month, meet her man at the end and witness their commitment to love each other forever and ever.

Their engagement session took place at the Washington Park Arboretum where we wandered through acres and acres of beautiful gardens and trails giggling, dancing and preserving the memory of this exciting time in their lives. I know this wasn’t easy for Erica. She hates having her picture taken but she trusted me to put her at ease and make her look fabulous. It wasn’t hard work (but the wine in the Gatorade bottle probably helped;)). These two are adorable together and their love was easy to capture. With a typical overcast day in Seattle and just a peak of sunset light poking through the clouds, the Emerald City popped with rich colors you can’t find just anywhere. This session is totally them. Enjoy the show….

seattle engagement portraits at the washington park arboretum

seattle engagement photograher at the washington park arboretum
More in the slide show…

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Allison - Beautiful pictures! I love the one of them on the stairs with him facing her and she’s smiling. You are a great photographer.

Where did you get your storyboard frames? Or did you make them? Do tell!

Allison´s last [type] ..Finding the joy- part II

Kathy & Vic Wilson - Wonderful pictures……you are the best! Looking forward to seeing you on the 31St as I know the wedding pictures will be superb too.

Erica - Thank you Jamie!!!! I especially love the last few close up shots! I know exactly which one I’m using in the autograph frame! So when do I get to steal these to print some??

Thanks again!

Jamie - Hey Allison! They’re from MCP Actions. LOVE them. Makes my blogging job so much easier…and faster ;) Thanks for the kind words!

Kathy & Vic – Thank you and see you soon!

Erica – Youuuuuu…;) Reply to my email with your favorites. I’m so glad you love them.

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