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Three Month Aevlyn | Seattle Photographer Travels to Idaho

My poor brother has a lot of sisters. When he called home to tell us that his beautiful wife, Kim, was pregnant with their first child, we were excited, of course, but more than that we simply could not wrap our heads around the idea of our brother becoming a father! Would he hold and...

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Mother’s | Personal Reflections and Krystal’s Mini

Very early last Friday morning my mom arrived at my house with a packed car ready for our 12 + hour road trip to Idaho. We had been planning and postponing the trip for months and finally all the stars aligned, the sun was out and we were off. We stopped for coffee, which we’ve...

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Caution: She’s not exaggerating and she hasn’t slept in awhile.

Oh, Internet. Have you missed me? I’ve been missing you terribly. I’m just gonna put it out there, that the last week and a half has been…out.of.control. In case you haven’t heard, I broke up with Microsoft and started courting Amazon. As a Legal Assistant Temp, I move a lot of paper work, read a...

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