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A lovely model named Tammy showed up towards the end of our photo-shoot at the old Bair Drug & Hardware store. While a couple of guys were setting up lights and other contraptions for their own productions of portraits with Tammy, Kirsten was brave enough to grab her and direct her for some of our own photos.



I didn’t want to get in the way of Kirsten’s creative vision or confuse Tammy by having multiple photographers competing for her attention so I took the candid route. Several photographers attempted similar shots to the one above but I really like the way this one turned out. The focus isn’t quite perfect which makes me feel like she’s in action; walking away from those mailboxes and swinging her purse.



In this one Kirsten is standing up on the counter shooting Tammy from above. From my perspective it looks like maybe she’s looking up towards some tall, dashing gentleman and flirting with her eyes.



This one really truly is candid. Tammy’s setting herself up to pose for another photographer and I thought her expression was so genuine. No cheesy smiles or fabricated emotion; just a girl straitening her dress, flexing her heels, bracing herself for what’s next.



And while we’re speaking candidly, this girl seriously has a great job. If this photography thing doesn’t work out I want to get paid to dress up in frilly dresses, skip around in high heels and show off my perfect manicure. Seriously.

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charlane - I really love the last shot the very best. and yes, what a great gig, right?

charlane’s last blog post..this just in

Georgia - how did i not see these before???

again—i’m speechless. beautiful shots. how fun would it be to work with a model!

i absolutely love the first and third. goodness, girl—i feel so honored to have you as a mentor!

Georgia’s last blog post..Jorjah-Love

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