We call her kitten. She’s not a kitten anymore but it’s a name that stuck. Kitten was addition number 5 to The Cat Palace also known as mom’s house. Mom has several children who find lost kittens and hungry strays to live with her. She has also adopted (against her wishes) cats that could no longer travel with her children.

Isabelle was the first. A very sweet, gentle cat that just wants to be snuggled. Then there was Annabelle who turned out to be Jasper and is a GIANT white fluff ball. Next came Riley whose twin brother lived with a boyfriend. The boyfriend’s mother would only allow one so our mom got to adopt another. Then Abbie joined the family and harassed the cat clan until the day she went missing.

That’s when we found Kitten. The cutest, softest, tiniest little thing that will claw your eyes out if you’re not careful. She may be little but she thinks she’s a lioness. She tormented poor little Blaze who lived in a cupboard for his first month at The Cat Palace. He was moved into protective custody with a lady who had a long conversation with Blaze and together they decided his new name would be Sylvester. Kitten kicked the Blaze out of him.

The Cat Palace does not currently have any vacancies and there is a long waiting list. Isabelle has a new boyfriend that would like to move in and accepts food at the front door. Shadow lives on the back porch and would also like a warm spot indoors. Mom is trying to talk Shadow into moving in with Tom who lives across town.

Did I mention my mom is allergic to cats? So is grandma and my sisters fiance. “Here kitty, kitty” is followed by “achoo” and puffy red eyes. Just one big happy family living under a spell cast by kittens at The Cat Palace.

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leaca - Your mom is a saint–if I were allergic the cats would be down the road.

Georgia - she’s so cute. she looks A LOT like my sister’s cat, Q—especially when she was a kitten like Kitten.

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