Aphorisms With Your Coffee


We go out to breakfast nearly every weekend morning. I don’t know how we got in this habit but our day simply doesn’t begin until we’ve chosen the perfect spot and sipped our first cup of bad coffee. For a couple that doesn’t eat bacon or sausage, rarely eats eggs, and are total coffee sobs it seems odd that we would even bother venturing out at all. But in a way, the art of choosing a place is the best part.

“Hurry up and get dressed so we can go have breakfast,” he hollers at me.

“Do I have to take a shower first or can I just throw on a hat?” I always ask this part because for some places we choose it really is better to shower first.  However, the showering adds nearly an hour to the ordeal of getting out the door and depending on how hungry we are or how desperately we need coffee the showering may take a back seat.

“Just throw on a hat and we’ll go to Mae’s. All I want is coffee and a biscuit.”

“I don’t like Mae’s. Their biscuits aren’t that good and neither is the coffee. Remember the cold, watery grits?”

“We liked it last time.”

“Last time we ate a giant cinnamon roll.”

“Well I don’t want to go to Roxie’s again. We always go to Roxie’s.”

“That’s because Roxie’s has veggie sausage and sesame bagels.”

“Roxies’s is cold. I froze my ass off last time. Let’s got to Pete’s.”

“Do you want to eat eggs? That’s all they’ve got is EGGS.”

“Did we like that new place we went to last time?”

“No. The ‘Famous Waffle’ sucked.”

“Fine we’ll go to Roxie’s.”

The drive there is methodical. We really do go there a lot. It’s in a location where it’s easy to detour to a different place should we so happen to change our mind on the way there.

“Do you want to go to Silence-Heart instead?” I ask as we pull out of the driveway.

“We already chose. I don’t want to discuss it anymore.”

“Well I don’t want you to go there and be mad about it.”

“I’m not mad. I’m over it. I just want to be warm and drink coffee.”

Breakfast conversation turns into compost conversation – or was it politics? Finally, we arrive at Roxie’s. They’re closed. We expect them to be closed for a week every year while the staff goes to Burning Man but it’s 8:00am on a Saturday in the winter. Why are they closed!?

“Wanna go to Silence-Heart?”

Silence-Heart is only a block away and an old favorite. In fact, we only discovered breakfast at Roxie’s when Silence-Heart closed for a week while their staff went on their yearly spiritual retreat. What? You don’t have breakfast joints like that in your neighborhood?

Well, Silence-Heart is certainly unique. They’re a vegetarian restaurant run by a Sri Chinmoy spiritual group. The women who work there wear beautiful, bright, flowery garb and on every table is a stack of inspiring aphorisms with a little sign, “please take one.”

“Do not try to make a happiness-fountain. Just try to beak your unhappiness-tower and then see where you are: You are playing in and with happiness-power.”

That one was for Steve. It went straight into his wallet for safe keeping. Mine, however, stayed on the table next to my mug of piping hot coffee for the duration of the meal.

“Never depend on applause.”

I pondered that idea while savoring rich, creamy cashew gravy over sweet potato biscuits and soy sausage. Halfway through our breakfast just before the second cup of dark, black coffee we stripped off another layer of winter clothing. We were warm and our bellies were nearly full. Mission accomplished.

Our breakfast adventures are never predictable but we always end up where we ‘need’ to be. Like the time we discovered the great make-out spots on the way to find “that one place in Lechi” that we never remember the name of or how to get there; or the time he dragged me to a surprise new place tucked away in a nursery garden so I could take pictures while he touched dirt.

Today I discovered a truth I was meant to find. A wise aphorism to start my day.

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Johanna - I’m grateful that you took me there before I moved. Whilst I battle with constant altitude-enduced headaches, I miss Seattle oh so much.

Barb McMahon - Our tradition is every Monday morning – same restaurant, same breakfast. It’s pretty well the one constant in our life!

Lonna - You guys are so uniquely you. I love it. This made me smile, giggle, and think.

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